One is supposed to honor thy parents. At least that's what the Bible says. In the prequel to Ghost - The Rick Watkinson Story, "Honor Thy Parents", tell of the fateful night that 16 year old Rick Watkinson picked up a semi-automatic rifle and fatally shot his father and his step-mother. Why did he do it? What was his state of mind that led to his actions? This prequel sets the stage for answers to those questions and more. Find all of these answers and more in the full novel - Ghost: The Rick Watkinson Story.




“Ghost” is the true story of Rick Watkinson, his journey from a tumultuous childhood, to his current stay behind the thick steel bars in an Alaskan State Penitentiary.   Who is this man and what causes a person to cross the boundaries of humanity?  Can these events be strictly traced to upbringing and environment, or do some people have an inherent propensity for evil?  Is redemption or rehabilitation even possible?  Watkinson’s compelling story and subsequent trial for the murder of his father and step-mother as a sixteen-year-old, raise serious questions about society in general, the treatment of minors, and the power of the American justice system.


Stripped down to it’s core, this is a story of a boy who just wanted to be loved.  A boy who just wanted to belong, and be part of a family, whatever that incarnation of a family might have been.  He is not asking for forgiveness, nor is he expecting it.  His life is his life, and his mistakes are his mistakes.  He cannot change the past or give life to his father and step-mother.  He can only move forward, continuing to find the light in a life of darkness.




"Before I even read Chapter 1 of “Ghost” I wondered why Rick Watkinson, who sits in a jail cell for the rest of his life, wanted his story to be told.  Why would someone who did such a horrific act want the public to know his story and bring attention to it?  What would bring a 16 year old Rick, at the time of the murders, to the point where he took the shots that killed two people.  Being in the medical field, I believed there had to be a story behind the story.  Trish Faber will capture your attention in Chapter 1 of Ghost.  It is compelling and written so well.  It is real and harsh, yet heart breaking at the same time. Trish invites you to ‘feel’ or ‘not feel’ what was running through Rick’s head, at time of the tragedy.  The writing and intensity will intrigue you. I wanted to know who Ghost was." (J. Abbot)


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